Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finding a Way

5 rounds
Run 400m
30 Box Jumps 24
30 Wallballs 20

I did this at the Craic house back when it first opened in November.  I used to think I liked this WOD but not so much anymore.   Jeff Peterson a crossfit newbie did a sub 20 min Kelly.  Now that is fast! I need to work on the box jumps I just dont have a good cycle time and get tired way to quickly.  I think I will do 3x10 rebounds daily for awhile and see if that helps.   My wall balls were not good today either.  I think that was partly because we were outside and hit the wall vs the ceiling.  VZ Paul took 5 minutes off his time today!   Final Time - 26:46

lap 1 - 4:22
lap 2 - 5:20
lap 3 - 6:13
lap 4 - 5:47
lap 5 - 5:02

That 3 round killed me - that is more mental than physical and I need to target my 3rd round next time to be 5:30. This photo wasnt from today but it might as well have been!

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