Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Real Deal Crossfit Open Games WOD #1

My plan landed this morning around 6:30am and I reckon I got about 4 hours of sleep.   Not bad but certainly not good considering this was the day I had to get a score for WOD1.   I walked into the gym just as the noon class was ending.  Susie and the entire class was flying high after hitting a good wod.   John and Bill were both there with 6 rounds plus 30 reps under their belt.   The doubt crept in right away - "this isnt going to be your day" your double unders are sketchy lately, the jerk isnt your movement,   I pushed those aside and focused on doing what I could do.    John gave me some game planning and I hit it.  Great first round 1:09 if I could stay under 2 I was in great shape.   That plan went to hell when i was doing double unders 5-7 at a time.  I managed 5 rounds and got the sympathy encouragement all around but felt hollow.   I was just not cutting it.   I would have been satisfied with 6.  5 has left me down.

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