Sunday, March 27, 2011

Every Second Counts

I was dreading doing Open WOD #1 again.  This WOD got in my head and really beat me down after such a poor initial showing.   Lesson learned dont get off a red eye and do a competition level wod.  That was just stupid and naive to think that I would have done well.  

I dreamed about this damn wod and felt that 6 rounds was well within reach.   Today was the day to hit it again.   I decided not to warm up with double unders as my first sets are usually my bests.    Well I was really cruising through 3 rounds just over 4 minutes.  My pace slowed down but i felt confident in nailing 6 rounds.   I blew this thing in the 4th round. I rested to much and missed 6 rounds by 1 rep.  I also should have aimed much higher.  Once I felt like I had 6 rounds in the bad I put it in cruise control.  Damn that pisses me off.  No one to blame but myself. 

Even thought that was a good workout I thought I would benefit from another WOD and decided to join Glenn for the first part of EVA but only the running part.   

Decided to do running and GHD's.   The first 800 my legs felt good but I was feeling pretty smoked from the WOD.  Glen pushed the pace the last 200m and put a good 5-10seconds on me.  We both were well under 3:30. 

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