Monday, January 5, 2015

Burpee Obsessesed

So last night i checked the 20K Burpee spreadsheet and noticed I had fallen into 2nd place.  My leg was feeling better and I could even do a couch stretch so I decided to do some burpees.   I banged out a set of 25 and felt good so decided to bang out a few more. The next thing I knew I was at 100.   If I did a few more I could catch Peter Marconi who did a 156.   Got to 150 and then thought why not another 25.   I then realized I could push my overall total to 500.  Total for the set 220.

Woke up this morning and clearly I had done a little too much with the leg as it was a little more sore again.   Modified the WOD which was programmed as listed below:

A)Push Jerk Skill
15-Box Jumps
Rx-185/135, 24/20

Into the following:




5 Deadlifts @185lbs
10 Burpees

This gave me a chance to get more Burpees.   Got 8 rounds plus 6.  Did 4 more after the clock sounded and then another 10 more to end up at 100.

Total Burpees 600. 

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