Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The workout that shall not be named

Programming Fran at 5:30am class should be considered a crime.    That Wod is absolutely brutal under any conditions.    I think the gym did a great job programming it so that everyone got the right level of stimulus regardless of how much you scaled it.

Here is how they planned it.

10min cap
Int- x2 Rest 3mins 65/45
7min cap
Beg- x3 Rest 5mins 45/15
5min cap
I partnered with Andrew Paul and judged and cheered him on.  He set a PR which was quite awesome.

My strategy was to try and be paced and smooth.  Knocked out the first 21 of each unbroken no problem.   Then I got tired and broke things up probably more than I had to on both Thrusters and Pulllups in the round of 15.  The round of 9 is always a relief.  I just dont have the drive right now to push myself into that really dark place.   

 3:34 - Wasnt completely wrecked and I might be able to do that pace again with a 10-15 minute break.  

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