Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Susie Diesel Rows

I get this text from my wife today:

How awesome is this. She has been struggling with a shoulder injury for some time and is just starting to feel better.   It seems everytime she takes some time off she comes back better than ever.  Proud of you babe!

I joined the 5:30am class so I could partner up with Anthony Demusis on the rowing wod.

Warm up

arm swings, leg swings, boot strappers
5 Minutes of
30 Sec Row
30 sec Plank

Team 2k
Rest 10mins

*Negative Split
*Each partner must row at least 500m at a time

 Anthony left our strategy up to me and even let me go first.  First round strategy was to each do 1000meters.   Felt very good during the first 500m and then fell off in the 2nd 500m.  Anthony took over and absolutely crushed it.

10 Minute break

Selected a different strategy to see if shorter intervals meaning 500m and then swap might allow us to go faster.    I was faster in my first 500m but gave it all away in the two transitions.

1st Round - 6:53
2nd Round - 6:55
Missed the negative split but got the work in.

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