Monday, March 17, 2014

Crossfit Kawaihae

Wasn't sure we would have the energy but we did have the motivation so Susie and I went to Crossfit Kawaihae to get our Wod on.

Crossfit Kawaihae is in an industrial park next to two active tenants. One is some type of repair shop and the other is storage for some kind if landscaping company. Super friendly coaches and athletes. Box is smallish but well organized and equipped.

Dynamics with PVC pipe 
Line drills 
30 squats, 20 push-ups and 20 OHS 

E90seconds x5
10 T2B
3 Snatches @65%max went with 115lbs
All unbroken and fast

30 min Amrap
800m run 
4 Muscle Ups

This was going to be long and made even more challenging when they showed me the course which was 400m uphill.  Nice to have the downhill coming back but it would be energy sapping. 

We for right into the wod as soon as we ended strength and skill and I was last out the door.  Moved up but not far in the  first 800 -  then banged our 3 and 1 muscle ups.  I had to move a box that was in the way.  One guy was out the door and he would stay ahead of me until the start of round 6.  I caught and passed him on muscle ups and headed out the door with 2 minutes to go.  He caught me on the run but I suspect time was over but everyone who was out running finished the run.  It was a tough workout because of the heat for sure.  

On the way back to hotel Susie and I stopped at Hapuna beach to cool off.  Managed to keep everyone up for dinner tonight. 

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