Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kettlebell destruction

I believe this is my 6th straight day of crossfit without a day off and guess what I am having fun.  I realize that I am probably not getting all the benefits and my intensity is probably limited because I am not resting enough - but who cares.  This year I am not a slave to the opens and Dave Castro.  Im just enjoying working out which is why I was attracted to crossfit in the first place.  In a way its kind of sad that the Opens kind of destroyed my passion for the crossfit brand etc.

Nonetheless its Sunday and it was time to get my ass kicked by Rita.   I can barely make it through Rita's warmups without feeling tired and I definitely have to scale the KB weight in her wods. It would be nice to have some of the "sons of Jarrod" come in and do a class.   Sadly not a lot of other coaches or "games" athletes every join in on what is an underrated elective at Craic.  I will admit I was initially put off by Rita getting in my grill but in the end she was just holding me accountable to better form.

Warm up

2 rounds of
 10 Downward - upward Dog
10 Wall Facing Squats
KB Halos
10 Frisks

Skill: KB OH Squat
Tried both 1 armed and two armed

WOD: :
a1. 30 of KB Double Cleans, :30 Rest x5
a2. :15 Left, Right KB OH Squats, :30 Rest x6
a3. :30 of KB Burpees, :30 Rest x7

See even my vision was blurry after this wod

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