Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Slow, slower....

Today's workout looked relatively straightforward but proved to be otherwise.   Im wondering if something is wrong with me.  I seem to be more tired than normal even though Im getting into bed way earlier than normal.   Overall feeling of malaise.  Hoping sooner or later that turns

3RDS @85% effort 
Run 400m 
15 Power Snatch @115 
15 Burpees
The first run was slow and got slower.  Im not sure I was capable of anything more than an 85% effort as my max effort.  I didnt feel like I could go any faster.
Total time - 16:34
Round 1 - 5:15
Round 2 - 6:06
Round 3 - 5:08
10x15 Double Unders - 18 attempts to do it
At the end I loaded up the bar with 165 and powered snatched it and then did 3 OHS.  That is that. I had better be able to do that Saturday.  

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