Sunday, October 21, 2012

CFNE Masters Comp

Woke up this morning just fully exhausted.  All I wanted to do was stay in bed and relax.  Work has been full tilt since Dreamforce and its been all I can do to mentally recover on the weekend to be ready for Monday.   So this comp was not something that I really wanted to do.  I wasnt concerned about the comp part (well a little since my metcon is lagging) but the waiting around part.   So much more efficient to walk to the gym and bang out the two workouts and be home in an hour.  When I mentioned that to my coach he said thats not what happens at the Games.  Its 2 days of waiting around so you better get ready for it.  I would have to say that as the sun came out and the day warmed up I felt better about the whole affair.

Wod 1 - 1 Min Max Thrusters.   I had done this in training twice before and had scored 29 and 27.   I got 29 today and felt pretty good about it as I stumbled forward on my 2nd rep and had to reset.  I went to the final second whereas a few people stopped 5-10 second early.

Wod 2 -
5 Pull Ups
10 Power Cleans (95,65) (85, 55)
15 Double Unders OR 50 Single Unders

This Wod on paper looked fine but when I practiced it the 95lb bar felt like 200lbs.  A little better today but not much better.   Tried not to just use my arms but the feedback was that I muscle cleaned it with very little leg action.   The Pullups were easy and just too few to create any kind of separation. It came down to speed on cleans and more importantly double unders.   My double unders were better today and didnt let me down to badly.   This one was where I should have pushed myself a little harder but really just lost focus.

4 Rounds even.   I wish I would have been able to get to pullup bar.

In 2 Minutes: Max Snatch Plus 3 Overhead Squats
I know that last year this would have really concerned me but with all the work I have put in I was confident that lift wouldnt let me down.  During the week and even this morning my plan had been to start at 165 and just do that.  But during my warmups I got a bit spooked when I failed on my 2nd OH squat and then messed the depth on another and decided to go with 155 out of the gate.   Got that and went to 165 and nailed that as well.   After the wod I couldnt remember if I put 5s or 10s on the bar after 155.   The judge recorded 165 so that was the answer but its funny how my mind had me picking up the 10s.   Never trust your mind mid wod.


WOD4: 6 Minute Up Ladder of: Burpee Box Jump, 20″ Wall Ball (20, 14) Toes to Bar

This one was hard when I practiced it and wasnt going to get any better today.   Knew I just had to keep moving.    The Wall Balls and Toes to Bar were going to fine just not the burpee box jump.  I think i might be the slowest guy getting down ever.  Went to step up I think in round 4 or 5 but not really sure.

7 Rounds 9 reps

I had no idea how I had done overall.  I knew that my Thrusters and Snatch OHS were in the top 3 but also knew that WOD 3 I was I finished 10th.    The last WOD I knew Dennis and Frozen had beaten me as well as Richard Johnson who was competitor in lane 6 next to me that finished 1 rep ahead of me.  I assumed a bunch of others had as well.   So when the award ceremony came around I was pleasantly surprised to have made the podium.    I felt a little guilty and embarrassed to have placed as I wasnt really even wanting to be there at the beginning of the day.  Not out of fear but more annoyance at the waiting and amount on interaction that would be required.   In the end I need to remind myself that this interaction isnt like the kind of stressful interaction that occurs in remediating problems.

I would really like to start working on my metcon but will need to reign that desire in as I think the plan will be to get back at the strength building.  

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