Sunday, October 21, 2012

Active Recovery

I hope I straightened up otherwise ..NO REP!
A little tired today but actually looking forward to just going into the gym and doing a wod that doesnt require a lot of thought.    Metcons can be like dessert.  Too many of them and you dont get any better.  Today was a day for dessert.

Warm-up = Mobility

Practice my hand stand walk which is non-existant.  I was trying to channel my Freshman year of college when I was actually good at hand stand walking.

10x15 Doubler Unders - 13 attempts to get 150

4 Rounds of
400m run
20 KBS - 1.5 Pood


Rest 3 minutes and then
10x15 Double Unders - 15 attempts to get 150

72 straight after

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