Thursday, February 2, 2012

The level above RX# is POWER

When I walked into the gym today to do this body weight workout I was surprised to see Mike Power with one of the slowest times on the board.   There had to be an explanation as he is just to strong, fast and fit to have had a bad day.  Sure enough upon inquiry Power had scaled up the wod by increasing the reps significantly.  I guess he even considered using a 30inch box but it was out of commission.  Of course this got me thinking, "I wonder if I should do that"?  Then someone mentioned wearing the weight vest.  Hmm Should I wear the weight vest and up the reps?  Should  I just use the weight vest as a scale up?  Or should I just go head to head with Powers time?  Of course the easy answer was to chase the leader.   I wasnt worried about the sit-ups or the push-ups, just the box jumps.  Im just not that fast. 

Box Jump
Push ups

As you can see from the photo on the right I scaled this up.
Felt good to beat Power.  I thought those days were completely gone.

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