Sunday, February 12, 2012

Game Day Wod 4

The text came and said you ready to hit Game Day 4 Sunday morning at 7:30am?  Whenever I get a text to go train with Paul T I'm in 100%.   The guy is a complete beast and he really has only been at it for just over a year.    He is also good enough to agree to go first in any wod so that I have something to chase.   Today he gave me a target that was going to be even hard to come close to.   He went through the wod at speed even though he broke up the movements aside from the row and box jumps.   He completely crushed it and even though he was spent hit 2 MU's out of 6 attempts.

For those of you not in the know Game Day WOD 4 was just brutal.   Nothing impossible before the front squats but enough to take the stuffing out of you.   I didnt leave myself with much time when I got to the front squats but after a long rest at the bar managed to get 10 straight.  I then proceeded to fail on the clean, rest a bit more and then banged out 10 more finishing with 5 second to spare.

Game Day WOD 4:
60 Calorie Row  9:06 to go
50 Hand Release Push Ups 7:02 to go
40 Games Style Box Jumps (24, 20) 4:20 to go
30 Kettlebell Swings (53, 35 ) 3:05 to go
20 Front Squats ( 185, 135) 0:05 to go
10 Muscle Ups

200 reps!

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