Saturday, August 26, 2017

Craic Olympics 2017 and Dog Days of Summer Complete

Craic Olympics - Team Jamaica!

Here was Marc's Plan which we executed flawlessly.
Max Dubs - Johnny D - 3rd with 129 dubs.  Probably a bad idea to try a new rope.

Max Clean:Jack/Tucker/Johnny D
Was expecting to get to 225 after when I warmed up 205 felt really heavy. Probably not a good idea to do 205 as my first warm up lift.  The upside is that I new I could open at 205.

205, 225, 235, 240lbs - Heaviest I have done in awhile.

DB G2OH/Pull-ups -
Johnny D/Kate
I was really looking forward to this one.  Opted to go in 2nd heat so we could see what we had to do.  I was hoping we could average close to a round a minute.   We got 2nd 5 Rounds 10 reps

Hardio -  I was feeling a little tired and I was a little worried as I dont think i have ever done a wod    Didnt matter I felt great and flew thru the movement.  We did really well and took 1st place by 28 seconds.

with 40 pistols out of the gate.
Raylene-100 DU
Johnny D-40 pistols alt
Ethan-400m run
Adrienne-30 T2B
Marc really wanted to win this one)
Iceman - Pullups
Pick Things Up, Put Them DownJack bowed out of this one after he messed his bicep up in Iceman.   3 Man team was Tucker, -->Brian Sheehy and me.  We picked 225lbs as our weight and just blasted thru it.

I also finished the Dog Days of Summer as this was the week I needed to get 40k and did it this morning. 

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