Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bedlam in Dedham

Bedlam in Dedham 

AMRAP 30 Minutes
Row 500M
5 Deadlift @135
5 Clean@135
5 Front Squat@135
Run 400M
5 Push Jerk@135
5 Back Squat@135

4 Rounds plus row, 15 reps and 50 meter run

Anthony went out of the gate strong and never looked back. Of course he said he didnt liked the wod before we started.   I wish I could crush wods I didnt like! 

 I couldnt close the gap he opened up on the row even in first round.   I matched his row in later rounds but by this time he had a minute into me.  

In todays Saturday weigh in I was only a only a half pound heavier than last week even though we dined out a ton this week and had way too many desserts.

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