Thursday, March 30, 2017

CF NAPA Valley Day 3

The coach told us today would be some kind of recovery wod.   Then they posted this:


Ring Dip Progressions


24 min AMRAP
400m run
25/20 Assault Cal
18 Single Arm KB Clean and Jerks (9/9) (35/26)
6 Muscle Ups
3 Snatch (185/115)

This does not look like a recovery wod.  Srin, Mike, Dennis and I went in spite of the hard work out.  The reason the workout wasnt a "recovery" wod is that Coach Brad is moving away so its a tribute wod to Brad.  Brad must be a bad ass. 

Completed 2 Rounds completely and then a run plus 1 calorie! Scaled to 115 for the snatch which was too light and scaled to 3 MUs vs 6.

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