Monday, March 13, 2017

OHS - Couplet

A) Overhead Squats
95(5), 115(5), 135(2), 155(2). 165(2), 175(2), 185(2)
B) For Time:
Power Snatch 115/75

I wasnt sure how I would do on this wod and didnt think to much about it till Mike Forde said you will break 4:30 and he would take the under.  Sarah C said she would take the over on that bet.  That got me a bit motivated!  First round went pretty well.   The round of 9 was a bit harder and slowed me down.  Total time = 4:07  Beat the under 4:30 time.   After finishing I started to think about where I would find 8 seconds.

Cool Down - 3k Row

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