Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Operatives Earth Day Challenge! - WOD Throwdown

Convinced everyone to do the Earth Day challenge.  Good turnout today = both Dennis 1 and 2, Eric Klein making a quest apperance, Potash, Mammone, Gormley and Mike. 

Convinced Gormely to get in to the range of the camera as the WOD is picture perfect for him.

 Matched Tom's pace for the first 30 rounds and just couldnt make up the time I lost in the burpees.  Happy with my time.


Gormley 13:07
Potash 13:11

Post WOD got on the rower and banged out a 5k.

After working out Jack and I went over to Blue Hill and hiked the  Skyline Trail.  Crisp sunny morning.

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