Wednesday, April 15, 2015

20K Burpees for 2015

Its been a dog fight with Dennis Mahoney over who would take 2nd to Rob Kaufman.   Now it seems like Rob finished months ago but it was only March 30 making it two weeks ago.    Dennis built a big deal early in the weekend but I fought back and closed the gap.   Brutal travel schedule with flights in am and pm but committed that no longer when I landed I would put in as many as I could.    Monday night in NY I put in 300.   Tuesday Morning in NY I put in another 220.   This left me with 280 left to do.  I knew that if I split them up and did nt finish on Wednesday I was certain Dennis would power through and finish.  So I landed in Austin around 11:30 and got to the hotel and just started chipping away until I was done.    Thrilled to have the pressure off.   That said there were a lot of benefits to doing high volume burpees.   I definitely got stronger.     Thank you to Mark and Lisa Remey Hasting for donating $1,000 to NE Parkinson's Ride Team CRCF Strong in honor this amazing achievement (20,000 burpees in 2015).

I will continue to do as many as I can - maybe even another 20K!

A few photos from meeting in Austin.

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