Thursday, March 19, 2015

Requena - Valencia - Las fallas spanish holiday

The house and staff in Requena are pretty amazing.   They cooked and served us traditional Spanish breakfast and dinners.  Last night we had Paella which was fantastic.   I really enjoyed the breakfasts.

Day excursion to Valencia:
Half day Valencia Highlights and Panoramic City Tour.  Visited the old quarter including the The Metropolitan Cathedral–Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia, alternatively known as Saint Mary's Cathedral or Valencia Cathedral. The outside Silk Exchange and Serrano Towers.

 Next we were escorted to the Bullfight ring for a BullFight.  Im not a huge fan of Bull Fighting but I know that it is part of the culture so I agreed to go and watch at least a part of it.  Jack and I left after the first bull.  I didnt feel it was sporting at all.  The next Bull Im told was better.  Better or not in my mind its not sport.


Las Fallas, Valencia. Las Fallas is one of the more impressive festivals in Spain. This event takes place each March in the Mediterranean city of Valencia. The celebration lasts for a week and includes nonstop fireworks and noisy fanfare.  They actually burn these float like objects.  We didnt stick around for that as it starts at 10pm and the finale is well after midnight.  We did catch the 2pm firework display which occurs every day for  a week.



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