Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last Day in Madrid

Susie and I went to the Museo Nacional del Prado given that she missed it yesterday while Martha, Jack and Tristan explored the city.   We met up at the Mercado San Miguel which was a much smaller market than in Barcelona but had many tables and bars so you could stay and eat. Really Cool.

We had lunch at Taberna Los Huevos De Lucio.   Which I highly recommend.   We had the best seat in the house as you will see right in the wine storage vault.   It is run by the younger generation of the family behind revered restaurant The Casa Lucio across the street.  Which we mistakenly went to first.  We had no idea we were in the wrong spot until they seated us and we looked at the menu.   We bravely walked out as the menu and atmosphere are totally different.  

Traditional dish of eggs, bacon and french fries!

On the way back to the hotel we stopped Football Mania.  These stores are amazing. Had Tris jumping for joy on the way there.

In the afternoon we went to the Royal Palace of Madrid to see the Royal Armoury.
The Palace was pretty amazing especially with the dark clouds that were rolling through.

 No photos are allowed in the Armoury but Martha discretely took a shot only to be picked up on the security camera.  We of course quickly walked away when the guard approached her to give her a scolding.

 From there we went to Bernabeu Stadium (Estadio Santiago Bernabeu).   It was hard to top the Camp Nou tour but the Tour of Bernabeu was pretty awesome.   I was shocked that the locker room was just like any other locker room.   No murals on the wall or carpet with the logo.

Visitor Locker Room
Real Madrid Locker Room

This guy wants to be in the match not on the bench

 We were all pretty exhausted but we had dinner and Flamenco planned at Corral de la Moreria.   It started off well as I was able to snap a few photos at sunset that were absolutely stunning.

From there it went downhill.   We were all hungry and did I mention tired?   Did I mention our table was right next to the stage?   Did I mention Flamenco is wicked loud when your ear is at the same level as the dancers shoes they seem to be trying to break thru the floor with.   Well Tristan had a meltdown I think he only got there first because of his age.  That said the food was actually pretty good and the dancing and singing good if you like that kind of thing.  Tris was excused and I won the chance to walk him back to the hotel.  When we came out we took a night shot of the Palace.

 We used his opportunity to make one more stop at the Mercado.  Easter candy was now on display.

The final shots are of the Palacio de las Cortes de España & El Congreso de los Diputados
The Congreso de los Diputados (Congress of Deputies of Spain) is the seat of the lower house of the Spanish Parliament, and the building where the Parliament is located is called the Palacio de las Cortes de España.

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