Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Row, Row, Row and then Row again

6:30am class - We all warmed up under the pulllup rig since the 5:30am class was still going when as we neared our start time.  Great to have Jarrod and Andrew put up some scores to chase.  Even better to have Anthony in class to partner with.  

15-KB Swings
Row Max Effort. until time expires
Rest 4mins

This should have read Max effort until time expires or you expire.  
Round 1 - Usually this one hurts the least and you have your best score.  Only partially true.  It really felt hard the whole way thru.
Round 2 - I was having a hard time breathing.  Once I stopped I spent 1 minute trying to blow my nose and the other seconds from puking.
Round 3 - Tried a quick 10 pull and really wrecked myself
Round 4 - Trying like crazy but going no where fast

Total Meters
Johnny D - 3124
Anthony - 3075
Andy - 3096
Jarrod - 3159

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