Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crossfit Max Effort

Craic connection in Vegas, Rob Potash, Dennis Mahoney and Daniel White.  Dan had to drop out but we were still 3 strong.   

First off Max Effort is massive and absolutely first class.  Nice reception area, break room, cubbies and locker room. 

Coaching was first rate.  In fact the class had two coaches.  

Warm up 
Line drills 
Skill work on push press and T2B

5 rounds 
15 push press@95lbs
200m run
15 t2b
200m run


Moved through consistently but I was completely dragging.   Lack of sleep and food is taking its toll. Really drained. 
Trip to MSP tonight and back to Vegas tomorrow.  Looking forward down time this weekend. 

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