Friday, July 19, 2013

Unflappable when headed to Maine

Pounded a few RedBulls to get through a days worth of meetings.   I had booked the flights for Jack's friend Charley and myself and I drove the car to the airport so I would have a back-up.   I checked the flights and the weather and discovered the weather was predicted to stay nice and that the 2:30 flight had been canceled.  This would mean the 6:50 flight would be full.  We checked in and heard that there was a mechanical problem with the 2:30pm but it would be fixed in time for our flight.  At that point I should have gone back out to the car and driven.  Instead we checked in had some dinner, I took a short nap and waited around till 9pm to discover that the plane would indeed not depart.  We loaded up the car and did the 5.5 hour drive.   Since I had adjusted to West Coast time I wasnt as tired as I would normally be.  We arrived at 1:30am at the exact time Jack woke up and started getting sick.   So by the time I cleaned up that mess it was already 2:00am.   No problems I was in Maine and it was great to be here regardless of time or a little mess to clean up.

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