Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recovery Ride in the Fog

I was glad to have Henry announce that today would be an easy ride.   Its a good thing as I didnt think I was going to be able to make it as far as the Asticou with out getting dropped.   Seems like everyone's legs were shot.  It wasnt raining but the roads and air were quite wet so we stayed off of Cadillac. I did convince everyone to ride down to the parking lot at the end of the park and then come back up before we did the Park loop road.    I felt the best I have felt on the final climb out of park up to the turn to Seal Harbor.   I also took the opportunity to hammer down to Seal Harbor and keep it going as fast and as far as I could.  Managed to make it to 198.  Not sure that is possible if Henry is in ride mode versus rest mode even with a lead.

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