Thursday, July 18, 2013

Power Outage

Did the easy walk over to the YMCA for today's workout.  Nice to only have to walk across the street.   Excited to do the Craic wod of 3 x1000M row with 3 minute rest.  This looks simple on paper but its much harder in real life.

WoD 3x1000m with 3minute rest 

Round 1 - 3:37
Round 2:  3:50

Halfway through round 2 the power went out in the building which was no big deal.  The folks on the treadmill were bumming but it had no impact on me at all.  I was half way through round 3 and they said we had to leave the building. 

Round 3 Incomplete 2:04 for 519meters

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christina said...

Nice power outage graphic.