Sunday, July 28, 2013

Increasing the workload and checking the systems

Weather was not nearly as nice today.   Overcast and misting but Eric Klein and I were not slowed down one bit.   I was definitely feeling my legs from yesterdays ride.  I was hoping with all of the work I did earlier this summer that I would start to feel fresh as a daisy but it hasnt happened yet.  I might be imagining how hard I used to be able to ride but I dont get the sense I am any near close. 

Wish I had all of the old data electronically.  Its in log books that who knows where they are. 

A few photos from the ride courtesy of Eric Klein.

I was not fresh after the ride and by the time we went to Church and Brunch I was in serious need of a nap.   That plan went out the window as the Crossfit Games were on so I got sucked into watching that for awhile.  Headed to the gym determined to do a wod regardless of how tired I was.   This is one of those times that it was as much a mental need for the workout versus the training need.    I wanted to test my wrist and see how my foot is holding up.    I knew that I would pull the plug if I was over tired or I had trouble with either.

I did the "Glenn Waters" Warmup today which is at the other end of the spectrum from the "Bill Malcolmb" warmup.   Once upon a time Bill would roll into the gym and hit the wod straight up.  I was always amazed he could go from cold to red line in 1 seconds and perform well.   The Glenn Waters warm up is a set of barbell movements that hits every part of the body as well as jacks up your heart rate.   On paper it is 5 deadlifts, 5 power cleans, 15 backsquats and 5 thrusters - its 3 rounds @135lbs.   I like it but need to scale it so that I do 45lbs, 95lbs and then 135lbs.   I think that the Waters warm up is excellent.


EMOM for 14 minutes
3 Clean & Jerks @155 odd minute
1 muscle up even minutes

Wrist held up nicely thru C&J's and Muscle-Ups.  Foot felt ok - still can tell its not 100%. Probably 60-70%.  

I was pretty fatigued when i did this so really tried to focus on my form and be as efficient as possible.  I limited the Muscle_ups to be smart.  I havent done any since 13.4.  Last round I did 3 straight and felt fine.

Took a 10 minute break and then did
Wall Ball & Pullups

Crushed the fist round. Just a little over a minute but it crushed me right back and I had to break up the wall balls into sets of 3-4.  My legs and shoulders were junk by this point. 

time of 4:45.

Rolled out on the orb and I was out of there.  

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