Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dead Legs on Beech Mountain

Called off the ride to Cadillac (Yes - Kev Willers there are many other climbs this one is just epic) as my legs are completely dead.  Im struggling to walk up stairs at this point.  I need a day to try and recover.   The plan was to do an easy hike and this short hike was probably more than I could handle as I fell way behind Susie and Tom right at the beginning when it was relatively flat.   The good news of the day was that I can check Beech Mt. off the hikes that I havent done.

A very good hike but we did it in the wrong order.  We went on the new trail which was gradual and then came down the ladder trail.  Be sure to park at far end of parking lot and start at that end.

We went to Church on Isleford at our Lady Star of the Sea.  Beautiful little Church but we were being attacked by mosquitos the entire mass as the windows had no screens.  What made it worse is I had the family move to a seat with an open window.  Bad idea on my end.   After Church we did take out  and did a dinner cruise.

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