Thursday, July 25, 2013


WOD -   2000m Row  - Rest 15 minutes - 2000m Row

When this wod was posted yesterday I was really fired up to do it.  When I woke up this morning I was still excited but knew that trying to PR on limited sleep first thing in the am was going to be a pretty steep challenge.   Jarrod gave us a good overview of how to plan and he showed us a slightly different way to start that I decided to try out - 3 quick pulls and then 10 hard pulls before settling in.   I can confirm that it is a quick way to start and I was really moving for the first 800meters but I never was able to settle into a rhythm.   I kept creeping into the red and having to back down significantly.  Jarrod even commented that was the most up and down row.   In the end I was only slightly off my PR by 5 seconds.


A nice 15 minute break and then we were back at it. 

First 500m was solid but then I started really falling off the pace.  I picked it up in the 3rd 500 but then paid to big of a price and lost any time I had made back.   

This is the kind of WOD I need to do more of.  Probably smart to do multiple 1000m rows.   Maybe 5 x 1000 or 6 x 750 with shorter breaks

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