Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Triple but no double

Great to have Christina and Niko here for a few days.  They have never been to Downeast Maine so we are excited to show them this wonderful place.

First off want to announce our guest athlete of the day here at the NEH Garage Gym!  It was tough competition but Christina Alejandre was selected.  Congratulations Christina!  Nice colour coordinated outfit as well.  Anthony Demusis are you taking notes?  We have some top caliber athletes that will be training in our garage this summer and we will highlight them here.

Niko, Jack, Tom and I did the triple today of Bald Peak, Parkman and then Gilmore and then came back down via Giant Slide and then Maple Spring.  Perfect weather for a hike.

 After the hike spent the day on the water and then we all went out to Isleford for dinner. I had hoped to get a wod and ride in but had to cut it all short when we had a mechanical on the Tidely Idely and had to rely on the water taxi who had limited slots available.

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