Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Recovery Wod...Really???

I totally messed up the "Glenn Waters" warmup when I wrote about it yesterday.  I do think that it is a very good warm-up and it forces me to get to the gym early so that I can get through it before class begins.   So the true Glenn Waters is as follows:

  1.  5 DL'S
  2.  5 pc
  3. 15 bs 
  4. 10 ohs
  5.  3 x 5 thrusters 1 min rest 

Warm Up 

21 Burpees
15 Squats
9 hand to elbows

Team WOD

30min AMRAP
In groups of 3
Partner 1 - Row 500m
Partner 2 - Plank Hold
Partner 3 - Kettlebell Swings  

On paper this looked ok but in reality it was brutal.   I teamed up with Mark Johnson and Sara Callahan. I started with the KBS and was happy to get onto the rower.    The Plank hold for 2 minutes was brutal.   I stayed on my elbows for the first 3 rounds and then had to rotate to hands and elbows.   It was a complete sweatfest and I have to say that I have never been so happy to do a 500m Row. 

Good Consistency on the rows - 2:01 to 1:55 with most in the 1:57 range.

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