Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Bikes & Saturday Wod'ing

Rode with Tom Gormley and he was doing his first ride on his new bike.   He just got a 2013 Cannondale SuperSix EVO Red.   Good looking bike:

I was not feeling great when we started and on a climb out of Westwood towards Medfield he dropped me pretty easily.  Felt better half way through.  We saw a lot of riders today including a pack of 25-30 at one point.  A little scary when we came upon one rider who some how passed out after a hard effort up a hill and was lying on the side of the rode.   He was scraped up a little and he thought he may have rebroken his collar bone.  We waited around till he called for someone to pick him up.  Other than that a good ride at a good clip.  Sun came out just as we got back into Dedham. 

Now off to Crossfit.  Arrived just as the 9am class was finishing.  Glad that I opted for the 10am class as it was much smaller.   Nice to see Anthony and Jim Costa in the 10am.   Good mobility warm up and then a fun old school WOD.

15min AMRAP
Run 200m I opted to Airdyne 1minute
10 KBS 53/36
10 Pik Situps
10 Pushups

This was a good wod for me as it was all about keeping an even pace.

7 rounds and 3 reps.

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