Sunday, February 17, 2013

Simple Double anything but

AM- 20min run/row/bike - I elected to do a row as I could do that at home.   I'm not sure if this was suppose to be @50% effort or 100% effort or something in between.   I elected to go fairly hard. 

I started off slow and started to pick up every 5 minutes or so. When I was getting close to the halfway mark I picked it up. Backed off a little but and then really drive hard to get 5k meters.

5k+ meters in 20 minutes.

Went to Craic to do the second half of the workout.  My legs felt the morning workout more than I thought I should.    Did a long warm up since I had the time to do so.    As part of the warm up I did 2 - 2minute max double unders.

Need to have someone validate the count but unofficially I broke my personal record. 

12min AMRAP
7 THR @105
7 BJ's

I knew that this wod was going to be tough but I didnt think I would sucking wind after and during the first round!  It felt like the Thrusters were 135 not 105.  Not sure why it took so much out of me.  The C2B pullups were unbroken every round until the 7th round.  Same with the Thrusters.

6 Rounds plus 10 reps.  

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