Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rest Day and Results

Just got the results back from Inside Tracker which is a new web-based service that automatically-generates a set of nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on a panel of blood biomarkers and the person’s goals, circumstances and preferences. I train hard and eat right but felt that I needed some more data to see where I may need further improvement.

Two big discoveries. 1. Vitamin D deficiency - correlates with greater incidence of depression and irritability. Muscle weakness, slower reaction times, and impaired coordination may also occur. 2. Low level of Magnesium - Adequate magnesium improves muscle strength and increases the time to muscle fatigue during short, intense bursts of exercise. People are likely to sleep better and feel happier when they have enough magnesium.

Will get on some supplements and retest in a few months to see where I am. 

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