Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rough Rentry

Its been over 7 days since I have trained and Im usually itching to get back in the gym after a few days off.  This time was different, I clearly lacked energy and wasnt myself so decided that rest is what I really needed.  I had given myself until today to recovery from the QL strain and deal with this nasty sore throat /head cold.   I figured anymore and I was babying myself.  

Im in Palm Springs for a company executive meeting and would be visiting a new box.   This should make it much easier to scale and take it easy since no one knows who I am.  We had a good crew from work cued up to train - Dennis, Chris King, and Tony Beller.   Its always easier when someone else has checked the class times and even rented a car to make the commute easier. 

Crossfit Shifted was a traditional big box. Massive space with ultra high ceilings.  Huge group for a 5am class with at least 20 people.   All the other athletes were extremely friendly and a few were even committed to learning our names.  We did a 3x100m row warm up and then did mobility work before we went to the whiteboard to discuss the WOD.

So nice box, friendly athletes this was going to be great.  Not so much when I looked at the WOD.  It was pretty high volume for my first day back.  Its not crossfit though if you arent ready to embrace the suck.  First round wasnt so bad but the 2nd and 3rd rounds were anything but pretty.  Broke the snatches into set of 5 or 6 with long breaks between.

Finished in 29:20.

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