Sunday, February 10, 2013

Double WOD

Did a double but not by design.   Got up early so I could buy a snow rake to clear off the roof before this sleet and rain shows up tomorrow.   The snow rake worked great but it was demoralizing to then have to re-shovel  areas that I had cleaned yesterday.  Huge Bummer.  Once that was done I still had a huge section that I didnt finished yesterday.   All in all another 3+ hours of shoveling today.   Not nearly as crushed as I was yesterday but still pretty tired.   Took an hour to refuel and hydrate before I headed to Craic to get my first real workout of the weekend.

2011 CrossFit Games Open WOD #1

Complete As Many Rounds and Reps As possible in 10 minutes of:

    30 Double Unders
    15 Power Snatches -75 lb. M/55 lb. W

This was going to be a tough one as my core. legs and arms are all pretty worn out.  3,2,1 and I kept messing up my double unders.  5 mistakes in a row before I settle into a rhythm.  After the first round I was able to do all rounds with only 1 miss.  My goal was to get 6 rounds.  Last time I did this WOD I could 5 rounds 30 doubles unders.  I was hoping to get bigger chunks on the Snatches but the best I was getting was 6-7 before I had to break it up.   I ended up with 5 Rounds and 42 reps.  I just needed 3 more Snatches to get the round.  I think that If I went into this one fresh I could get to the double unders.

No school tomorrow as there is so much snow removal to be done.  

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