Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Comp Simulation

Today was the day to test on the 2 other wods in Saturday's competition.  The WODs are as follows:

WOD #2:
AFAHP or 8 Min Time Cap:
400 Meter Run
25 KB Swings @53lbs
25 Burpees to Target (2012 Open Standards)
25 KB Swings @53lbs
25 Burpees to Target (Rings set 6" inches above reach)

Came in from the run at 1:38 which I was happy about as it was not all out.   Got thru the swings unbroken and then moved through Burpees.  Clock was at 4 something.  Got through the next round of swings unbroken and the burpees now were a crawl until i got about 15 in,   Total time 7:09  This needs to be at least 6:30 or less to be competitive in my opinion.

WOD #3:
10 min amrap of:
Hang Squat Cleans @115lbs
HR Push Ups (2011 Open Standards)
Box Jumps (Step Ups/Downs Allowed)

20 minute break and then got after this one.  Definitely feeling the other wod.   

Got past the round of 15 plus 4 reps
Total reps = 103 reps

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