Thursday, February 7, 2013

Palm Springs FINAL DAY

A big snow storm is approaching the Northeast so a large group of us are cutting the meeting short and leaving to head home today versus the red eye on Friday.   Its been a good couple of days of meetings as well as training.  The coach and Athletes at Crossfit Shifted have been fantastic.  They really made us feel like we have been training there full time for years.   Its weird how you can fit in so easily in the crossfit culture versus so many other places it can be a struggle. 


Back Squat
As heavy as possible
4x500m Row
Rest 4 mins
Post all 4 squat weights,
& average 500m row time.

ROW 1 - 1:34
ROW 2 - 1:39
ROW 3 - 1:46
ROW 4 - 1:40

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