Saturday, December 24, 2011

Workout #2 - Strength - Back Test

Added another new Crossfit box visit to my list -  Crossfit Rising.  I had considered hitting the morning class but thought it would be better if I tested my back with a lift later in the day.   I had a hard time finding this place, having actually drove by it 2-3 times.  It was behind a residential house which I didnt expect.  Only 3 guys in the class and they were very welcoming.  They let me know that their coach was away but I was welcome to join.   The WOD was 3X5 Backsquat.  I decided just to get some work in and not go overboard on the weight just to see how my back felt.  That said legs were taxed more than I thought they would be from the mornings beep test.

135(5), 185(5), 225(5), 245(5), 245(5) Clearly not very heavy but the back didnt hurt at all.  

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