Thursday, December 22, 2011

Repeat - You must be joking

Visited Crossfit Maxability today which is in Hackensack New Jersey.   First visit to this box. I think this brings my box total to well over 20 visited.   I have written about the challenges of jumping from box to box during a week and having a real lack of continuity in the ones training programming.   Today was like that week I did EVA at two different boxes in the same week but this encounter of programming was back to back with yesterday - presses and rowing.  It was fun to do a partner wod. Even cooler was that I made their website.

Partner WOD
12 Min. AMRAP
Everyone starts with a .65 mile bike sprint
Complete as many Shoulder to OH as possible 115/75
rotate when partner completes 15 abmat sit ups
Time Trial
2000M Row  
7:54.3  20+ seconds slower than yesterday. Ouch  Very consistent after the first round.

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