Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Double WOD - 1 min station wod and Drive

Susie and I managed to get 1 more workout in before we left Canton. The Weather took a turn for the worse and it started to snow with a bit of high wind mixed in. The temperature also dropped from high 30's to 11 degrees and falling.  

3 rounds for max reps
1 min each station
Air Squat
Push Press 45/25lb
Ball Slams

I got through this but clearly didnt destroy it or myself as I think Robin and Susie both beat my score handily.   I did stick with good ROM.   Total Reps  395

Tris managed to collect the eggs from Bob and Robin's hen house again.  He really loves animals and some time in the snow even though it was bitter cold!

 Before I started my trip I checked the website to see how the roads would be.   No report from all of the roads I would be on!  We got stuck behind a plow which was sanding and plowing for the first 35 miles and then again 10 miles later.   I think those roads were the worst of it and it got progressively better once we go past Blue Mountain Lake

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