Sunday, December 4, 2011

Strength Work and Miniwod

Sunday is suppose to be a day of reflection, peace and calm.  Today was not anything like this.  In fact whenever I have to head out for the week I start trying to get everything squared away before I leave and ultimately leads to a very bad day.  I was able to cram in a quick trip to the gym.

5 sets of %

Push Press - 135, 155, 155. 155. 175
Muscle Clean - 125, 155, 175. 185, 215(3)
Clean Pulls - 215, 215, 215, 215. 215

Quick WOD mostly for movement versus time
Muscle Up
5 yard hand Stand Walk - this was very bad and needs alot of work

Ben Folland and Dork came in to wod and row  Ben does his first 2k and rows a 6:55! Man that is awesome.

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