Saturday, April 30, 2011

Death Row

When I saw this WOD posted as a benchmark for the No Bread challenge I can tell you I was not excited.  The Rower is something that has just not been my friend.  The thing has definitely left me completely wrecked.   I had done more rowing leading up to the Open as well as watching videos and reading as many articles as possible.   This was one that was all about just getting it done.  My legs are sore from yesterdays wod but its rare that some part of the body isnt dinged up.   After reading a journal article my strategy was to got 3-5 seconds slower in the first 500 and then wind it up.  I had set up the rower to display current 500M pace and avg 500M.  I didnt have the running time displayed.   The first 200m felt great and it seemed way to easy.  I was able to hold aprox 1:46 thru 1000meters.  Now things started to get harder but not the way it usually is.  This was good the  strategy was working,  My form went to h*ll in the last 300m and i was just pulling with my arms which was fine by me.   When the final meters clicked by I was a little worried as the time didnt pop up as I expected it to.  Panic set in.  No way did I want to do it again.   Finally clicked the right button and up came 7:15.1  YES I am happy with that.  It felt hard but not that bad.   I just looked it up and its a PR by 2 seconds!

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