Monday, April 25, 2011

Wheelhouse WOD

Its rare that a WOD comes up and its right in your wheelhouse.  3 movements with the right number of reps and I almost slept right through it.   I'm still a bit messed up time zone wise so i am having a hard time getting to sleep before midnight.   I was right in the middle of dream about playing soccer when I woke up and saw that it was 5:52.  Not a lot of time to get ready even when you live a 2 minute run from the gym.   Made it there at exactly 6am and Glen didn't lay down the 20 burpee penalty. 

Warm up was 3 rounds of
10 Heavy KBS (70lber)
10 Double Unders
10 Pass throughs

It was a full 6am class which is great as you can lift yourself off of the combined energy.  The bad news is that with the double unders swinging you had to watch out.  Since it was a nice day half of us set up outside which was cool.
20min AMRAP
10 Bodyweight Deadlifts
16 Double Unders
9 Pullups

This was a good wod and felt pretty consistent through the rounds.  The watch tells a different story.
Round 1 = 1:02
Round 2 = 1:42
Round 3 = 2:12
Round 4 = 2:00
Round 5 = 1:39
Round 6 = 1:57
Round 7 = 2:09
Round 8 = 1:44
Round 9 = 1:46
Round 10 = 1:36
Round 11= 1:42
Plus 10 deadlifts
Total 11 rounds plus 10 Deadlifts
Curious to see how that held up against the other classes.

For those of you not on Facebook - Charles Barkley is doing Crossfit.  I have a lot of respect for the guy even trying it.  Check out him doing WOD 5 here.  Charles Barkely does WOD 5. 

I think that hoopsters are some of the best conditioned athletes.  I think some of
these NBAers would tear about a WOD.   Couldnt you see Nate Robinson or Raja Rondo really doing well?
Im headed to NYC tomorrow on the 6am shuttle - Boo Yaaa 4:30am wake-up call.

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