Friday, April 8, 2011

WOD #3 and Cement Mixer

These Open Games are totaling bumming me out.  Its been one miserable performance after another.  I was really hoping for a movement in my wheelhouse.  Pullups, Deadlifts give me something.  This week my schedule allowed me to do the WOD before Friday.  My first go was 16 rounds with a foul.  I felt ok and believed that it didn't wreck me so badly that I could improve on the performance.  Given that my Saturday is tied up with Soccer etc....I had to go after it today or keep the score.  

The second time was good through 2 1/2 minutes = I hit 10 rounds.  The problem was that my pace was to close or far over the red line and my fuse burnt through.   The second 2 1/2 minutes was a mess.   Ended up with 17 rounds plus 1 rep.   Not even close to 20.

I had planned on doing Cement Mixer before the WOD and needed to do it mentally more than anything.  5 rounds of 400 run and 12 toes to bar.   3 minutes per round.   This went fine.  I really wanted to make sure I hit the 3 minute time frame.  Rounds were in 1:55 to 2:15. 

Not liking how this open is messing with how I feel about Crossfit.   The good news is that the Susie is really excited about Crossfit and how she is doing.  So that is making it fun.

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