Thursday, April 21, 2011

Running the Hill of San Francisco

When I first first joined I spent about 5 weeks in San Francisco and I have to say that this put me in the best running shape of my life.   It wasnt anything that I had planned on but it really all came together.  I combined running the hills with a steady diet of temp runs.   Tempo/Interval training is something that always yields results.  For me though the key was the hills.  I think the hills got me stronger and kept me out running longer but not at the edge.  I was fine with just getting up some of these and then enjoying the downhill and chance to pick it up.   The other drive was to go a little further to see what was over the next hill.  I did the BAA Half Marathon and was just a shade over 1:30.  

All that preamble was to say that after a long day of work on Tuesday I got out for a run.  I was pretty tired from the late night travel but once i got out I felt great.  Something about the hills and the views is magical.  I often wonder if the feeling would dissipate if I lived there, I dont think so. The closest comparison is the run around the Esplanade in Boston.  Its always fun especially in the summer. 

I put in about 45 minutes and then did some HSPU and box jumps in the park across from the St Regis.  I have to remember that the next time I am in town with some crossfit commrades as they have a wall the perfect height for box jumps.  Probably did 5+ miles.

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