Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was so not looking forward to do doing this WOD. I was also frustrated that my schedule wasn't allowing me to even get a practice session in. I showed up on Saturday having a goal of 10 rounds but not sure about pacing. I had a strong idea that box jumps would be my struggle. Well not sure if I unconsciously caused them to be my downfall or whether I just suck at them. The end result is the same. I got 8 reps of don't count. This is no way to a good performance. No monster performance for me. 9 rounds plus 22 reps, These games have been depressing. WOD 3 doesn't seem like it will be in my powerhouse either, another AMRAP this time 155 clean and jerks. Where the fuck are the Pullups and other toes to bar?

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