Thursday, April 21, 2011

WOD 5 Practice

On my second day in San Francisco I woke up on East Coast time again even after going to bed late.  I was considering waiting till that evening and doing an official WOD 5 workout but figured it wouldnt be good if I couldnt shower after the wod and had to fly in that condition.

I got their so early even the coach wasnt there.  Lalanne has moved to a new bigger location and are in the temp space on the 2nd floor.  It was a good group of athletes ready to battle against Tabata ring dips and hollow rocks.   After a good warm up be got after WOD 5

5 Power Clean 145lbs
10 Toes to Bar
15 Wall balls

I was focused on setting a pace I could maintain and not being totally defeated by the wall balls.  It was much nicer going head to head.  This solo timed effort sucks.  I much prefer to try to match the competition.  So I was able to get a round on a guy that crushed the lst wod - he had gotten 7 Muscle Ups to my measly 1. 
Score 9 rounds plus 3 reps.  I would love to get 10 rounds tomorrow for real

round 1 - 1:17
round 2   1:38  2:55
round 3 1:50  4:46
round 4  2:15 7:01
round 5 2:23  9:25
round 6 2:42 12:08
round 7 2:35 14:44
round 8 2:31 17:15
round 9 2:24 19:45
2 reps

The middle rounds are the key if I want 10 rounds.

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