Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy but never Satisfied

After having spent the week battling the stomach bug and laryngitis/chest cold  I figured I wasnt going to feel much better if I waited one more day.   With time running out it was hit the wod or risk being eliminated.   The regular class had a field trip planned, they were surprised with an outdoor wod - burpees, running, wheel barrow races and KBS.  

 So as the class ran out the door to the field they were going to be using I started my warm-up.   A little mobility/stretching work and then loaded the bar for the overhead squats.   A loaded 135lbs up and did a 5 rep set.  The first lift always feel heavy.   Then I hit a few muscle-ups.   Now the muscle up is a movement I can do but I am clearly not efficient.  I used a standard grip vs a false grip.  That makes it a little harder.  So as I settled in to get started coach John told me the weight was only 120lbs.  I thought he was busting my chops.  Pretty excited to hear he was serious.   I felt confident that I could get through the first part and I was counting at least 1 muscle up but hoping for more.  

Open WOD 11.4
AMRAP 10 of:
60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squats (120, 90)
10 Muscle ups

As everyone told me the Burpees are more of a nuisance than anything else.  Its all about setting a solid pace.   I finished those in 4:16 seconds.  Didn't feel completely trashed and picked up the bar right away and got 5 OHS.  I then did rounds of 7, 8, 5 and 5.  Done with the OHS at the 7:29 mark.  WOW 2:30 minutes if i don't f**ck this up i might be able to get 4,5 or maybe even 6.   Whoa.   These muscle-ups are a lot harder than during the warm-ups.  I keep getting really close but cant get my left arm in a place where I can do the final dip. Ugh - usually i can kip my way through a few but it wasn't happening,  I think I had 6 or 7 attempts.  I did manage to get one on try 5.  Happy but not satisfied.  I put myself in a position to do well but couldn't get over the hump.  That s the part I'm not satisfied with.   You hear that all the time in Sports, its a matter of putting yourself in a position to be competitive.   I came so close on this one.   I'm OK with not being satisfied.  That's what drives me to get in the gym and work harder.  I mean really what did I expect given I haven't done a muscle up in 2 months and even then did maybe 5 or 10.   Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.    Good experience to have in my back pocket nonetheless.

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