Friday, April 22, 2011

Seen this movie before

Since my WOD 5 in San Francisco wasn't official I had to do it again today.   I really wasn't in prime condition after a brutal week of travel and long hours at work.  It is what it is....  Now last time I did the WOD I felt pretty good and thought I could improve on my performance.  I had logged my splits on the board so I would have a good visual of how I was doing against an improved performance.

After the requisite stalling, I mean warm-up I got after it.  It started off  pretty good

Round 1 1:13   4 seconds faster
Round 2 2:45  10 seconds faster
Round 3 4:35  11 seconds faster  this hurts but so far so good.
Round 4 6:38  23 seconds faster Wow this is going well I just hope I dont crash.
Round 5 9:06  19 seconds faster  Man this is getting really hard these wall balls suck
Round 6 11:58 10 seconds faster Im losing steam - even holding bar and pace on T2B is falling off
Round 7 14:51 7 seconds slower.  Im totally falling apart.  The 5 Power Cleans have become more than a nuisance. Im barely getting 5 Wall Balls at a time
Round 8 17:52 37 seconds slower - F**ck I might not make even 9 rounds This is pathetic
Round 9 19:58 13 seconds slower - There was no way I wasnt getting 9 rounds. I would sooner have suffered a cardiac embolism than missed.   This WOD crushed me.  I spent about 5 minutes trying to return to earth.   My whole world had narrowed and my heart and lungs felt like they had exploded.
What could I have done to get a few more reps?  I have no idea.  One consideration was too slow down at the beginning to a more even pace.   I have no idea whether that would have helped and I can tell you I wasnt about to try and find out with a score on the board.

Only one WOD left and then back to regular crossfit training.

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